Hello, there!

Hello, there! First I like to say welcome, in this place you can find post of Music, Books, Movies, and also you can send me messages if you want to have a chit chat, or just talk with someone of nothing important. Welcome, again and I hope you enjoy it.


In this section you can find my top 5 of the songs of the month, basically the ones I heard the most or more like, you know by the rhythm or the lyrics or things like that. Xoxo


Here you can find my favorites books, maybe they are not the most new, but in my opinion are books that worth read, enjoy every single chapter. Xoxo


I guess this is the most difficult, i'm gonna try to up not just romantic/cursi movies, i don't know if here right now there are boys, but i dont care, I also gonna up action/blood movies. Xoxo